Painted Love Apparel is a uniquely artistic, fashion forward and comfortable line of clothings and goods intended to encourage expression in art & creativity. Designed by someone who speaks the creative life language, this brand is a marriage of imagination, curiosity, and therapy. I believe in a "3C Philosophy". 
Creativity. Comfort. Community.



Everything you see in the shop was part of a long imaginative journey. A bit of a pet project turned runaway train- but aren't they all? The mission was to source and create the right designs, colors and words that would speak to the emotions of those who wake up everyday with new creative ideas. I want everyone to feel encouraged and excited to express their artistic passion through fashion.


It was extremely important that the apparel offered would wear like a second skin. The bar was set high when searching for the softest fabric blends and best fits. After loads of samples and a panel of critics to assist in narrowing the selections, I am extremely confident you will find all of the clothing incredibly comfortable. If I won't wear it, I won't sell it.


Creative people have a kindred connection. We see this everyday on social media with group pages and hashtags promoting support, uplifting advice, business tips and encouragement for both newbies and pros in the industry. I like keeping that connection alive on my social media pages and welcome everyone to join me there for a daily dose of creative inspiration.

Links to all social media can be found at the bottom of the page.